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Fastcash Pawn & Checkcashers – How to Pawn Luxury Items

As fashion constantly changes, maybe that high-end handbag, watch or jewelry piece is collecting dust in the back of your closet or drawer. Refill your wallet with cash, as these luxury items just lying around unused or unappreciated could be worth something. Fastcash Pawn & Checkcashers is the premier location to pawn or sell luxury watches, jewelry like gold or diamonds, and designer accessories in Rhode Island.

Despite the higher value for luxury watches, fashion accessories, and jewelry, there are many different aspects that Fastcash Pawn & Checkcashers takes into consideration when offering a pawn or buying value. Let’s explore these aspects that Fastcash uses and help guide you through the different ways to improve the potential value for these luxury items.

When pawning or selling your luxury watches, you should be aware of a few things that affect its value:

  • For the most part, the make and model of the watch ultimately dictates the price. Brands like Rolex, Tag Heuer, and Breitling are just a few of the luxury brands that command the best prices.
  • Before bringing the watch into Fastcash, check that a serial number, proper branding, and other materials are correct for that individual piece.
  • Fake watches are more convincing than ever. If you have any questions on its authenticity, Fastcash’s experts will be able to authenticate your watch if you are unsure.
  • If you have the original box along with any of the watch’s paperwork, you are likely to receive a higher offer if it’s a complete package.
  • Keep in mind that any scratches, dents or similar damages directly affects the watch’s value.
  • Also, personal engravings, like names or dates, will affect its value too.

When pawning or selling your designer accessories, there are a few items to keep in mind:

  • The condition will always affect any item’s price, but a genuine designer bag or accessory’s value tends to remain high.
  • As Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Hermes, and other high-end designers will have a unique serial number (typically consisting of letters and numbers), Fastcash will authenticate the bag by looking for this detail on leather tag located somewhere inside the bag.
  • All high-end handbags and accessories have heavy, high-quality metals, zips, chains, and straps. A bag’s authenticity will always be in question if the hardware has begun to peel, scratch, or dent.
  • Fastcash will also authenticate the bag by making sure the logos are crisp and clear, placed in the correct spots, and spelled correctly.
  • Lastly, many luxury bags and accessories include an authentication card. Keeping that with the bag is vital in receiving the highest value for your piece.

When pawning or selling your luxury jewelry, here is what you should consider:

  • Same as luxury watches, if you still have the original box and additional paperwork, especially if they are from well-known designers like Tiffany & Co. and Cartier, it can significantly increase your jewelry’s value.
  • Imprinted on all precious metals are hallmarks. These are the tiny symbols and markings that inform you about the year it was made, where it was ‘approved,’ and the metal quality. A maker’s mark could be present as well. If there aren’t any of the hallmarks visible, they might have been worn down or hidden. Fastcash’s experts are skilled in finding these marks and authenticating each piece of jewelry.
  • One easy way to see if your precious metals are real is by doing a magnet test. If you hold your jewelry close to a magnet and it attracts, you may have plated metal or fake gold since precious metals are not magnetic.
  • To test the authenticity of diamonds, a trick is to breathe on the diamond. Real diamonds will not fog up (the way a window does) due to the gem’s high thermal conductivity. If you are unsure, bring the diamond down to Fastcash, and one of our experts will be able to authenticate the diamond, as well as other precious gemstones.

Luxury watches, fashion accessories, and jewelry tend to maintain a higher value over the years than other items around the house. What might be collecting dust in your closet or the back of your drawers may provide a boost in the wallet with a substantial amount of money.

Let Fastcash Pawn & Checkcasher’s experts evaluate your luxury goods and present a fair value that can be either pawned or sold. Fastcash Pawn & Checkcashers is the premier shop to pawn or sell luxury watches, jewelry, and designer accessories in Rhode Island at the convenient downtown Pawtucket location.  Contact us today!

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